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[05-28-2022] Burst-Reflection: SCI National Conference, Online
[07-03-2022] Partial Decisions: ICMC 2022, Limerick, Ireland
[09-09-2022] IUSB Research Celebration (talk) Imaginary Music: Composing & Performing Media in Ensemble Settings
[09-16-2022] EC/21 Composition Workshop for High Schoolers
[09-23-2022] UCET Technology Showcase Keynote: Retooling Tech: Creative Utility for Increased Engagement
[09-25-2022] AVC Collaborative Performance of In C at Notre Dame
[03-09-2023] NST (Non-Sustainable Token) for EC/21: Performing Media Festival [PMF~ 2023]
[05-20-2023] Movements for Orchestra for SBYSO, Sauder Hall, Goshen College Music Center

Recent Works

Will to Unite

Live Documentation and Stereo Mix of the Surround Sound Multimedia Work at the Performing Media Festival [PMF~ 2020], February 20th 2020, South Bend, Indiana


Live Documentation from the premiere with Brendan Shea, violin; Ryan Olivier, interactive media; Yerin Kim, recorded piano for the 2021 Indiana Music Teachers Association concert, September 23rd 2021, South Bend, Indiana