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Recent & Upcoming Engagements

[05-28-2022] Burst-Reflection: SCI National Conference, Online
[07-03-2022] Partial Decisions: ICMC 2022, Limerick, Ireland
[09-09-2022] IUSB Research Celebration (talk) Imaginary Music: Composing & Performing Media in Ensemble Settings
[09-16-2022] EC/21 Composition Workshop for High Schoolers
[09-23-2022] UCET Technology Showcase Keynote: Retooling Tech: Creative Utility for Increased Engagement
[09-25-2022] AVC Collaborative Performance of In C at Notre Dame
[03-09-2023] NST (Non-Sustainable Token) for EC/21: Performing Media Festival [PMF~ 2023]
[04-21-2023] IUSB Dean’s Seminar Series (piece+paper) Mining Models for Artistic Gains: Partial Decisions for Solo Performer
[05-21-2023] Moments from Movements for Orchestra and Interactive Media for the SBYSO, Sauder Hall, Goshen College Music Center

Recent Works

NST: Non-Sustainable Token

Live Documentation from the premiere with Ensemble CONCEPT/21 at the Performing Media Festival [PMF~ 2023], March 9th, 2023 South Bend, Indiana

Will to Unite

Live Documentation and Stereo Mix of the Surround Sound Multimedia Work at the Performing Media Festival [PMF~ 2020], February 20th 2020, South Bend, Indiana


Live Documentation from the premiere with Brendan Shea, violin; Ryan Olivier, interactive media; Yerin Kim, recorded piano for the 2021 Indiana Music Teachers Association concert, September 23rd 2021, South Bend, Indiana