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Recent & Upcoming Performances

[02-06-2021] Partial Decisions: SeenSound, Melbourne, Australia (Virtual)
[02-19-2021] Partial Decisions: Performing Media Festival (Virtual)
[03-12-2021] Magis: Ensemble Concept/21 Recording for future Broadcast
[04-16-2021] Will to Unite: CMS Great Lakes Regional Conference (Virtual)
[04-22-2021] Partial Decisions: Earth Day Model, IUPUI (Virtual)
[04-23-2021] Will to Unite: SEAMUS National Conference (Virtual)
[05-05-2021] Live Stream of New Tellematic Works for the AVC Ensemble: (Virtual)
[05-09-2021] Will to Unite: SCI National Conference (Virtual)
[06-24-2021] Partial Decisions: New York City Electronic Music Festival (Virtual)

[07-14-2021] Partial Decisions: xCoAx, Graz, Austria (Virtual)
[09-24-2021] Burst-Reflection: IMTA State Conference, IUSB (World Premiere)
[10-07-2021] Partial Decisions: CMS/ATMI National Conference, Rochester, NYC

Recent Works

Will to Unite

Live Documentation and Stereo Mix of the Surround Sound Multimedia Work at the Performing Media Festival [PMF~ 2020], February 20th 2020, South Bend, Indiana

Euclidean Strings

Live Documentation from the premiere with the Euclid String Quartet for the Euclid+Electronics concert, April 11th 2019, South Bend, Indiana